an amputation globally:
a very expressive dream symbol, quite often mistaken as a straight forward sign of some kind of health danger; however, its meaning is quite different
you are witnessing an amputation, or you perform an amputation, or you are amputated:
you will not loose something (at the hospital, at the bank, in your savings book, or in the cadastral office), but you must though (from a personal decision) trade off something
it represents something that is significantly valuable for you and that you cannot imagine living without, but costs you however a lot of energy and courage
frequent visual manifestations
you are witnessing an amputation:
you think too much about yourself which make you feel stronger
you are experiencing an amputation:
you live your life in an exaggerated fear, which slows you down. That fear is nothing more than the product of your imagination
you perform an amputation:
same as being amputated, but with a stronger meaning
after an amputation:
you are giving up your life's endeavor for no real reason. Get rid of what burdens you
repeated amputation dream is the sign of a dramatic opinion; try to find its reasons and connections